Akosombo Textiles Limited

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Manager: Mr Kweku Asare- Omenako
Production: Manufacture of Real Wax and African Fancy Prints, and polyester/cotton printed and dyed fabric.
Established: 1967
Head Office: Ghana: P.O. Box 298, Accra, Ghana
Other Offices: N/A
Contact: +233(0)302 674430 / 679460
Located on beautiful grounds next to the great Akosombo Dam (Ghana’s West Africa’s biggest supplier of hydro-electric power), ATL is the Group’s only Ghanaian venture. It has weaving, spinning and finishing facilities with end products consumed mainly by locals. The plant operates 24 hours a day.

Production Emphasis has been largely focused on Real Wax and African Fancy Prints. The prints are extremely popular. ATL also produce high quality materials and designs which receive strong acceptance well beyond the country’s borders.

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