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What is FashionGHANA?
Simply, Fashion = Fashion
…and GHANA = Glamorous Home-grown African Nutured Attire.

So expect fashion trend and style setting news, and gossip from in and around Africa in what’s what. What’s In! What’s On! What’s Up and most of all, What’s in style. No more wondering how to get hold of that dress, or who is that designer, or where can I find a good photographer. All that we ever needed is right here on Fashion GHANA.

We are blissfully expressing the wider world of African inspired fashion whilst giving an insight to the true creatives and pioneers that are shaping, pushing and keeping African fashion industry at the top. And you are invited to do this with us through our store, our editorial, articles, link, partners and more. 🙂

FashionGHANA.com Store
Our Store is new, refreshing and simply to use. And most of all, assisted by designers ready to customise all clothes to your specific needs. Let’s brighten up our world with a wide range colourful designs. A few things we should take into consideration about the shop.
1/ If you are also a great designer but don’t have the platform to expose your beautiful talents, stop stressing, just give us a call and become a part of fashionGHANA, no matter where in Africa you are based. If you work is not ready for fashionGHANA you won’t be rudely discredited, simply have a conversation with us, where we can exchange professional advice from our experts to ensure your work with be featured in no less than a month.
2/ Although very popular, African fashion is still growing, and the strategies in which designers embrace vary, some the well crafted and talented designers on our site work with some of the most prestigious clients to create custom styles as to producing in large bulks. Therefore upon our orders and requests, there might be extra time than usual required to ensure the right particulars are provided to keep you as happy as can be. Ensure all information provided on the page of the dress is read well.

FashionGHANA.com Spotlight
What will fashionGHANA be if we didn’t give ourselves insight to the great, why they are great, and most importantly, how they became great, hence the spotlight. Under the spotlight we will also find those in which fashionGHANA recognizes are soon to be great. The spotlight is broken into 3 categories.
Model Profiles- Here, we enlighten ourselves on amazing new faces being discovered across the African world. In most cases with African fashion, very little recognition is given to aspiring models with great potential, they are usually only featured on websites and blogs after making some success in or outside their country, fashionGHANA is here to break that rule. So prepare to see some jaw dropping beauties from around your way.
Features- Here we will write an indepth outline of the story behind who you see. Every woman and man has a story and believe it our not, when we see their images, or wear their make up, or their clothes, we are seeing or wearing their story. Therefore we need to know. Let’s get a little deeper into our creatives and see who is really who.

FashionGHANA Articles
We are all fashion conscious even when we are not conscious about it, here our articles will simply put you at ease and help you get on track with what’s new and what’s hot, and even more so, what’s not. There will be not one day we won’t have anything for our precious fans, so keep coming back. This feature on our website will be broken in lovely sections as shown below.
Interviews- What would our article feature be without our interviews. This is our chance to ask all the questions we ever dreamed of asking, lighthearted, controversial, gossip revelations, success tactics and more. It’s time to bring out what we all want to know, and at fashionGHANA we are not going to hold back in ensuring we satisfy all your curiosities.
Lookbook- We will be covering all new collections to the best of our ability. We need for everyone to see an judge as we also do the same. Who is making the world more colourful and who isn’t. Over here we can all see all new releases and designs by the amazing African fashion industry.
Reblogs- With all the amazing journalists and bloggers from in and around Africa, why not share their views with ourselves. In this field you will see articles from some of your favourite African fashion bloggers reblogged right here on fashionGHANA credited and linked of course, so you can also wonder of to their websites and read more.
fGH Speaks- This is where we share our thoughts and go over them, you are invited to read through. mwah

FahionGHANA Events-
In our experience, we have attended so many amazing fashion events, exhibitions and ceremonies in Africa that blew the afro off our heads, but sometimes we are left asking… “where is every one else?” This is why it is mandatory that we bring to you an amazing event list sections. Designers in and out of Africa will also be treated to a beautiful list of fashion weeks around the world.

FashionGHANA Directory-
The directory is right here for all of us to brighten up our fashion experience. As we said in the start, no more wondering where to find make up artist, online boutiques, photographers and such or which magazines are in my country. Everything is right here, get to know who we need to know for free, and get intouch with who we need to get intouch with for free, right here on fashionGHANA.com.

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