Board Of Fashion Ghana

by FashionGHANA Admin

Welcome to FashionGHANA’s xecutive board of operation. Fashion Ghana begun in 2011. Fashion Ghana is the founding committee behind The board of Fashion Ghana consists of 6 members, Founded by Nana Tamakloe with the purpose is to establish ground breaking activities to ensure fashion made in Ghana and it’s creatives are heavily acknowledged in the public’s eye.

Working with Ghana’s government’s Ministry of Trade And Industry on various projects we have established a list of international projects such as, Miss West Africa beauty pageant and Accra Fashion Week.

Our efforts have reach ground breaking heights. currently is the most popular African fashion blog and ranked as Ghana’s 9th most influential online social media platform. In fact has been the prime vehicle to popularizing the current trending culture of print fashion in the 2010s, with a facebook page of over 1 million followers with no paid adverts. has made history as the only consistent blog covering Fashion across the continent with roughly 5,000-10,000 viewers per day.

Accra Fashion Week on the other hand is a fair new project with the objective to bridge a relationship between designers and our boutiques of today. The event made history in it’s inaugural edition by hosting the highest number of foreign designers and guests in Accra with a dynamic and diverse platform. The event also mad history by being the first fashion event in Ghana to be covered by AFP, dailymail, Yahoo news and other platforms alike, giving ground breaking exposure to new or upcoming talent in Ghana. It was acknowledged by many Ghanaian bloggers and media as the premium fashion week for Ghana.

Other minor events are being executed by the Board of Fashion Ghana from time to time, of which will be listed on our events timeline at Your support is not only towards Fashion GHANA, but also to make change in the Fashion industry as a whole.

Our excutive board consists of:
Director: Nana Addo Tamakloe
Assistant Director: Kwame Owusu
Secretary: Abigail Eyitemi
Human Resource/Employment: Madgelene Goker
Communications & PR: Edwin George

Disclaimer: Unfortunately there are various claiming to be Fashion Ghana, approaching gvt bodies for support under the illusion that they are behind Fashion Ghana. Please be aware. It seems that their actions hav derived of envy in competitive fields and intend to cause confusion in the Fashion Industry.

UPDATED: 22.05.2017