We Make Any African Dress

by FashionGHANA Admin

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To get any African style outfit made for you simply email the design to [email protected] or to +233233622008. Afterwards 2 things will happen. We will either
1. find out the designer who made it and give you the option if you wish to contact them directly or if you wish for us to do so.
2. Propose to you our ability to make it and the price.
You can even request alteration.


Ever had difficulties tracing an African designer or their dresses? Or seen a design somewhere and wanted something similar? But not able to find them online, not able to find their clothes, contact or even communicate in the language of their mother tongue?

Then you have come to the right page. FashionGHANA.com can get that dress, outfit or designer item for you, starting from on $20 extra. And for dresses or styles you like that are not entitled to any specific designer, we will then make it for you.

1/ WE CAN MAKE DRESS considering is it not attributed to a designer or a designer style. You can either describe it to us, draw it and email, or any way you can describe it to us. We will then call you discuss the designs and then give you our price, if that works for you we can continue.

2/ FOR DRESS BELONGING TO DESIGNERS you would have to do is refer to us the dress and which designer it belongs to, your requirements, ie. measurements or alterations. And from there, we will specifically contact the designer, make price enquiries, and quite a price for you, that includes the cost of the item, most cost efficient delivery, plus $25 ontop. Once it is paid we will purchase and delivery the clothes to you.

Any dress or outfit published on FashionGHANA.com, this maybe the dresses on the runway in our videos and pictures. Or alternatively, new collections and look books we have published. Anything you see that you like, we will get it for you.

Simple, you see any dress by any designer here on FashionGHANA.com or any of our videos, then you message us letting us know where you saw the item that you want to buy. We will contact the necessary parties involved and give you the exact price they quote us plus an estimated delivery cost (international $50 and local will depend upon post or pick up). Once we quote you, you simple pay in any form most convenient to you depending on our agreement, plus $25 fee for the service. When all is done, we will then act upon your will to purchase the dress for you.

Very shortly we would have a form you can fill in, but for now simply email your request to fashionghana1(at)gmail.com or info(at)fashionghana.com.

This purchasing service is not an agreement between FashionGHANA.com and the designers. It is a direct working contract between FashionGHANA.com and you the client. FashionGHANA.com will act as a service for yourself, looking to purchase a clothing item. We will do the research upon reaching the designer, what you request, availability cost of delivery, and further more. We can not ensure every clothing item will appear exactly how it is in the picture.

All legal disputes with your purchased product will have to be taken upon with the designer or label. Unless, the damages occurred during whilst the dress was in our care. Our only aim will be to find the designer/label, seek if your requested item is available, and then purchase it and deliver to you after paying the quoted price by the retailer where you we will collect a finders and delivery charge for our services. We also maintain the rights to inform you if the dress is available or not prior to taking any payments.