Register Your Modelling Agency

To register your modelling to a particular country the following must apply…..

  • Your must either have Website which has existed for over 6months with detailed profiles of your current models, or a registered company name for the agency which has existed for over 6 months.
  • You will need to have 3 fashion models (approved by fashionghana) that are exclusively signed to your agency with a good number of credible images in their book.
  • Your agency must not accept upfront registration fees from models.
  • Your agency must not accept upfront charges for the development of its signed models.
  • All financial processes regarding your payments towards your models must be clearly outlined in your contract between your agency and your models. (This will only be requested upon complaints or disagreements from models)
  • Your agency must have a minimum of 5 African (black) models.
  • Clean track record (No proven complaints of the abuse of status, sexual exploitation, bribary, embezzlements, illegal backings, fraud and theft)

    Lack of the above via proof will lead to a rejection of your application. Failure to continue doing so will lead to the removal of your application. Please note intends to contribute to the growth of African fashion in a manner as professional as possible, to that of all standards internationally. Applications may also be rejected based on the lack of a professional presentation or the need for more development to meet our criteria.


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