Sell Your Designs On Online Boutique

by FashionGHANA Admin is the newest and hippest online fashion boutique across the whole of Africa. It is a great platform for all designers seeking to expand their sales internationally. Our objective is to make all great designs visible to as many people across the planet as possible, and getting your items on is as easy as 1,2,3.

It very simple, just follow these steps….
1/ For designers based in Ghana, simply email us at boutique(-at-) Send images of the items you wish to sell on our boutique.
2/ If we approve and show interest in your collections, we will give you a call or reply your email with a few inquiries.
3/ If we are still pleased, we will then let you know which sector of our boutique we feel your clothes fit best, either in the designer collections or in the market place.
4/ There will be a base set up charge for your items being placed online of $70. If wishing to add an online advert that could be done at $20.
5/ If (A) You are applying for the designer collection segment, and your look book is great, then you will continue on to point 5. A great look book in this case would mean your own look book style image, and a clear back and front image as well that let’s people see the necessary details of the dress. If your look book does not fit the criteria of good images but we still approve of your clothes, we will need to do a shoot, or you can redo a shoot with some basic guidelines for what could work for us.
If (B) If you specified for the market place, you will need to have a shoot that is very similar to the style already on our website if you don’t. This is a head to knee shot, models of similar stature, full body, back and front shots, with grey to white back drops, and professional photography. If not you will be requested to redo the shoot.
6/ After then, you will be required to fill in forms that outline the details of each garment and confirming’s permission to sell, distribute and promote your clothes based upon our sales terms and conditions.

If you are not in Ghana your chances of being placed on our boutique is still possible.

Once a customer has purchased your product from at a price that accustoms your retail price, we will contact you with the address at which you will be responsible to have delivered. Designers working through the designer direct section, will be responsible for providing their own images, and also responsible for all delivery costs and charges. Applications may easily be rejected due to bad presentation, distrust of designers capability to provide goods, or location difficulties. The Designer direct segment may also be open to various designers based in Ghana. Notice: You will be directly liable for all issues regarding refunds, dissatisfaction, etc.

Email us a set of outfits you wish to sell at boutique(-at-) Title the email ‘For Your Online Boutique’.

We kindly ask designers and/or aspiring designers not to take any form of rejection to heart. There could be many reasons why one clothes may not be hosted on A few are listed below.
1/ We might have recently updated the website and patiently pushing the current items before going through a further set of updates.
2/ Your clothes may seem similar to other items on our website.
3/ Your clothes may be similar to the clothes of another retailer that might clash with customer interest.
4/ The terms of your accessibility may not fit within our working plan. Such as production, location, delivery abilities, and so forth.