Most men would go to extreme heights just to score themselves hot women who do not only boast of flawless beauty but also a rich sense of fashion.

Well, there is a group of women who are beautiful but are terrible when it comes to slaying.

Below are some of the most annoying fashion choices by Kenyan women that are a big turn off to nearly all men.

1. Too much make up: Most men find it quite hard to deal with women who are fond of over doing their makeup. They love women who apply makeup but not to the extreme.

2. Wigs and weaves Nothing beats a beautiful woman with her own hair. Not all men love women with fake hair — namely wigs and weaves.

3. Fake eyelashes:  Women with fake eye-lashes turn men off. Young boys may love it but mature ones cannot handle such mediocrity.

4. Dark lipstick:  Dark lipsticks also known as gothic lipsticks are just a major turn off for most men.

5. Longs nails…Long nails are okay but not every man loves them. Most men hate women with fake long nails. Apart from being unhygienic, they are not appealing. They look satanic.

6. Boyfriend jeans No man would really want a woman who ‘steals’ his clothes. Women who wear boyfriend jeans look amazing but not to most men.

7. High waisted jeans There are women who look good in high waisted jeans. However, others look like robots or mannequins in them but do not know.

8. Harem pants Harem pants are trendy and fashionable and go well with teenage girls. However, most men do not like women in them.

9. Over sized sunglasses.

10. Transparent leggings Transparent leggings are mostly associated with indecent women. With that said, most men hate women who rock them.

11. Maxi dresses Maxi dresses are cool, especially when worn for weddings and outdoor events. However, most men hate them, and women who wear them.

12. Anything too baggy, too tight, too long or too short

13. Women who wear strong perfumes No man wants to be near a woman who chokes him with the heavy smell of her perfume.

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