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According to, ‘or atleast an image of text floating online’ three former Miss Ghana queens are alleged to soon to expose Inna Patty, CEO of exclusive events and current franchise holder for Miss Ghana, for her use of the Miss Ghana pageant as an escort service.


Interestingly the Miss Ghana brand is at it’s worst and in many cases even feels nonexistent. Many queens have dropped to the side and ever since exclusive events took it on, there has been controversy after controversy. Many assume it can’t be that bad because if so, people could just part ways, but many don’t know some pageants in Ghana have even crossed over to life or death situations with queens defending themselves from organizers. Don’t assume because it’s a woman involved there is no danger nor pimping of the pageants in the competition.

Not to personalize anything, but I have met these girls on various occasions at events, and spoken to them. Knowing very well there is something extremely wrong with how the organization works with the girls I have questioned them but they have all sounded uneasy to really explain what went on with them.

If the content in this image is true or holds any shocking information in the article it is promoting, we would be sure to update you. Until then all accusations of prostitution in the pageant is nothing but speculation with with hints and clues.

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