3 Stylists In Ghana Making An Impact In The Fashion World; A New Era Of Styling In Ghana

by Nana Tamakloe
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Despite the many sectors of fashion that seems to be talked about most, the truly most important field in fashion is styling. It’s really and truly what it’s all about.

A good stylist can take bottles and make clothes out of it, or atleast something that looks good in pictures. A tru stylists role is to take a set of garments and items and mix match it to create something fashionably appealing to a certain group of people. As far as creativity goes, at times fashion photographers use stylists to create magic without clothes.

Kitchen Utensils picture by Osborn Mariach
Somewhere in late 2012, in the development of FashionGHANA.com. Whilst building our directory we reached a halt when it came to adding stylists from Ghana. Believe it or not the concept was fairly foreign and not one stylists was in existent on social media, and if they were they weren’t known as such.


Although as mentioned before stylist and styling is the creme de la creme of the industry, in a weird way it also works as a luxury essential. Meaning in any case where stylist are not available, others in the industry will find alternatives.

Prior to this point Ghanaians have worked without stylists. Our fashion shows have been committed to letting models hit the runway with no professional stylists but one or two helpers back stage. Designers making look books usually take on the work of a stylist themselves. Photographers usually asking models to come to shoots with their own clothes and so forth.


Work by Kel Vincent


The split of stylist being the creme de la creme and also simply the luxury is born out of the existence with those with a fashion eye and those without. Anyone in the fashion industry can whiz through a lovely set of pictures by Ghanaian photographers and tell you which had and didn’t have a stylist onboard. Or watch a fashion show and do just about the same.

It’s like the icing on a cake, you can do without it, eat it and also enjoy it, but if you want to identify it as a good cake, then you know what to do.

Within the past year or two, Ghana is only now seeing the emergence of stylists. Prior to this and on going now, designers have technically been doing the styling work for their clients. Which has never been a good thing, because most times designers appointed to stylist roles will specifically try and limit the shoot or shows to their products only, even if the style doesn’t feel right, neglecting accessories and items by alternative brands.

Work by Afua Rida (StyledByRida.com)

However, the division between designers and stylists is slightly deepening now. There is an emergence of stylists who are doing tremendous work. From fashion shoots, fashion shows, red carpets and more. The three names that are making waves as far as styling is concerned in Ghana are Kel Vincent, Afua Rida and Empress Jamila. All of which are proving tremendously great at what they do. Other great celebrity stylists such as Mackie Sasu www.instagram.com/STYLE_ME_FAMOUS exist, however only a few are bringing their work to images.

Believe it or not, the emergence of stylists opens a bright future in the world of fashion for Ghana. Although, it’s a very tricky field of who really knows what they are doing. It holds no certificates, diplomas nor degrees. It’s simply born out of pure imagination, which means either the talented will exceed or most likely as in Ghana, those with connections. The question remains whether there is money in the industry for stylists or are folks prepared to pay just yet. Or are they hopefuls giving it their all.

If you are a stylist with an extensive portfolio feel free to send your work to us to be added to our directory here.


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