3 Ways To Look Good In No-Color Colors- Monochrome Trend


chromYou already see lots of shades of grey,nude,white this season.Even tho monochrome is nothing new,i think the trend is here to stay

The monochrome look is easy to pull off for  non-supermodel types. It’s universally flattering and pairing pieces is a no big deal.One of the best things about the monochrome trend is its versatility. Stripes, spots or block color, there’s a myriad of ways to wear it. Here’s how to make them work for you-
1. Opt for hues that are lighter or darker than your own skin.Not exactly matched!
2.Stick to a mono-chromatic palette but vary with textures and keep your accessories neutral.A quirky way to work the monochrome look is with polka dots.For a subtle look, smaller polka dots are the way forward. If spotty clothing isn’t for you, go dotty with accessories instead.
Stripped style-It’s a common myth that stripes make you look wider. Worn in the right way, they can actually have a flattering effect. If in doubt, go for vertical stripes to give an elongating illusion..
You can also polish off the look with a trouser and blouse ensemble for a cool masculine/feminine vibe.
3. If you’re scared of looking washed out,keep these colors away from your face.
For an easy way to make a big impact with clothing you already have in your closet, coordinate a single-color ensemble, it makes you look instantly polished and pulled-together – perfect for those days when you need a quick
confidence boost.


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