4 Hair Tips On Maintaining And Keeping Your Dreadlocks Neat

by Naa
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Dreadlocks have over the years grown in popularity and just like any other hairstyle, they need to be maintained. However, maintaining dreadlocks is totally different from maintaining other natural hair styles. But like other natural hair styles dreadlocks need to be kept clean. Dreadlocks look better and better over time. As they continue to mature they become tighter and smoother and they require less maintenance.

Read on to find out whether or not you are maintaining your dreadlocks the right way and also some helpful tips to get you started if you are not.


Wash Dreadlocks

Get your dreads dry as much as possible after washing. Don’t leave them covered in such a way that they can’t dry completely. It is good practice to squeeze as much water out of them by hand as possible before wrapping them with a dry thirsty towel for about 10 min and then finally letting them air dry or drying them with a hair dryer. This will ensure that the dreadlocks dry all the way through. Leaving them wet will cause them to smell like a stinky wet towel and that sure is nasty! Ensure shampoo residues are not permitted to build up inside your dreads and slow the drying process. Choose a residue free dreadlocks shampoo.

Avoiding Breakage

Dreadlocks can easily break if they aren’t properly moisturized. Use dread lock cream to keep them moisturized. Don’t use the cream everyday or the dreads will be too oily.

Wear a Head Scarf

Dreadlocks do tend to pick up lint and fuzzy’s even if they are very clean. This is usually a big problem when you are sleeping. Pillow cases and sheets that don’t shed a lot of lint will help. Wearing a head scarf on your head will keep lint and feathers out of your locs while allowing your dreads and scalp to breathe. Head scarves also have plenty of room for longer dreads to stretch out and they can be bought larger so they don’t squish your dreadlocks down too much.

Use of Rubber-bands

Rubberbands can be very useful when you are starting and maintaining dreadlocks. While putting rubber bands on too tight can hurt your dreads, wearing them snug, to gather the hair at the roots of your dreadlocks, can help your dreads tighten faster than they normally would.

Rubberbands are also handy for keeping new dreadlocks separated. As a general rule, if you are not able to roll the rubber bands up and down the dread they are on too tight.

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