Six Curvy Ladies You Should Follow On IG For The Most Trendy And Fashionable Plus Size Inspirations

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As curvy girl, we know you scout for style inspirations all the time, constantly look for women with similar body types who have got great fashion sense, to draw inspiration from them.

Gone are the days when such inspirations were hard to come by, but these days, many curvy women have embraced their body and are doing magic with it when it comes to fashion. And here are five of such women who are changing all the rules and making all the difference in plus size fashion.

These women are confident and totally comfortable in their bodies but above it all, they are super stylish and fashionable. They serve so much style inspirations, even non-curvy women love to slay it like they do.

Being curvy/plus size, it is ultimately about knowing your strengths and weaknesses and playing on them and more importantly, having the confidence to back your attributes up. And these women know just how to do that.

Check them out and scout them for all your ‘slayish’ plus size style inspirations!

Model and style blogger, Denise Mercedes

Fashion blogger, Mskristine (@TrendyCurvy)




Joi (@Inmyjoi)

Raven Unodiez


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