5 Fashion Tricks And Tips For Plus Size Women


Knowing your body type and harnessing the skill of dressing to suit it is very important. If you are slightly heavy and curvy, dressing up may be dicey as not all trends or even texture may flatter you.

You need to know what outfit will suit you best and also learn how to accentuate your curves and look your absolute best in everything you wear. When you’ve got it flaunt it they say but if you’ve got it and you outfits are hiding what you’ve got, how then do you flaunt it?

So before you let your outfit disfigure you, take a look at these tips and know how to choose your outfits or even for a friend.

1.Invest in some good underwear that will ultimately slim your figure and tuck away your love handles

2. When accessorising, make sure to use bigger looking stuff (earrings, bungles, bags…) It can easily diffuse attention from your size.

3. Gravitate towards boots or ballets flats, since shoes that stop at your ankle makes your legs look shorter.

4. Make ‘A line’ skirts or dresses your best fashion companion as they tend to cinch in your waist and camouflage you curves.


5. If you are dressing up in stripped clothes, choose clothes with vertical rather than horizontal lines. Vertical lines guides the lines down the body profile and makes you look slimmer.






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