5 Shades Of lipstick Every Woman Should Own


You can find lipsticks in almost every woman’s makeup bag.Lipstick is one of those beauty products that can take your makeup from lacking to wow with  just one swipe.




Red Lipsticks never go out of style.Whatever the shade, you’re sure to have a classic look when you wear red.If you have a dark skin, go with deep, rich colors like burgundy or warm brick red colors. If you have a medium skin, cranberry red or true red shades will go perfectly with your skin.If your skin is fair, a not over powering coral red will add beauty to your face.



While this hue gets a bad rap for appearing stark against the skin, as long as you’re careful with the rest of your make-up, it’s a perfect way to add a glacial element to your  look. this color is great for lending added drama, while still being conservative enough for work.The vampy look is sure to get you noticed.



Versatile and wearable for everyday. The best nudes are sheer and have the same finish as your lips-not shiny, not matte. if you choose the right nude shade for your skin tone, you’ll be able to create great skin complexion and balance out your look. seek out a slick nude.



Orange lipstick may be the trickiest. It feels like one of those things that’s best left to beauty daredevils, right? Wrong. According to makeup artist Stefanie Syat, it’s universally flattering. “Unlike red lip colors, orange shades don’t have saturated blue or red undertones, so it warms and brightens every skin tone.” she explains.To keep the look modern and fresh, ditch dark eye-shadows, and heavy liner,” Syat advises. Instead, keep the focus on your lips by curling your lashes, applying a coat of clear mascara.Go for a pop of sheer peach dabbed on the top and bottom lip or a full wash of juicy orange



Pink lipstick can just polish any makeup look.Whether you go for high-intensity fuchsia or an understated rose, pink lipstick always looks pretty.



Don’t forget that Prepping your mouth is very important. Apply lip balm about five minutes before adding your color to ensure you have a smooth, even canvas.


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