A Life Spent Waiting On A Single Day; Tips On Preparing For THE Wedding Day

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Brides Plan From Childhood

Little boys would do well to be wary of little girls in the neighborhood around certain ages. They will want to play “house”, and that may even involve a mock “marriage”. While an older tomcat could find the prospect of playing at a relationship diverting, younger boys will certainly experience an “ick” factor! But it’s cute watching the neighborhood kids play—and there are some things you can learn about humanity in microcosm, here.



One, men are afraid of commitment from the time they’re very little. Two, women plan things from the time they’re able to put two thoughts together. They’ll dress up in favorite gowns, and they’ll describe all manner of wonderful plans detailing a wedding day as far in the future as their understanding is removed from adulthood.

Certainly, some childhood aspirations may make their way to the matrimonial stage, though tastes change over time. But with literally years—often decades—of thought predicating the marriage day, it makes sense to apply some of that timing to the actual ceremony. Provided all things turn out as planned, of course. Some shotgun weddings have nothing to do with saving face, and everything to do with remaining financially solvent. The ideal marriage will have a year and a half before the wedding ceremony takes place, though; and this will give you adequate time to prepare.

Book Your Vendors As Far In Advance As Possible
An average wedding ceremony is going to have quite a few vendors. There will be the caterers and cake-maker, the mobile minibar (possibly included in the catering), the flower arrangements, limousines, the officiant, the venue, a band/DJ, invitations, and formal wear—like tuxedos.

Now, men are really lucky, here. Anything they want is basically available a few days to one day in advance at a given formal wear store; they jut need a color in vests or ties that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses. But the bridesmaids' dresses themselves—you should probably acquire these garments as far in advance as you can.

The bride’s dress will be a beautiful display of unique refinery designed to reflect the blushing bride's beauty. It may take up to a year for you to find the right dressmaker for this task. While bridesmaids dresses may be purchased within a few weeks or months of the event, it makes sense to coordinate them with the bride’s dress.

The best way to do this is commission the bride's dress first, then commission the bridesmaids’ dresses after the fact. Azazie dresses can be ordered to specifications very quickly, though it is again advisable to book as far in advance as you can. Color, cut, style, and wearability all play a part in this decision. A bride wouldn’t want to put her best friends in an uncomfortable and shockingly un-fashionable getup for a whole day!

Properly Pulling It Off


Generally, the conventional wisdom in booking your wedding vendors is to get that portion of your matrimonial arrangements taken care of between six months and a year and a half in advance. While there are some services—like tuxedos for the guys, or limousines—that can easily be put off until the last minute, it's still better to know you've got an option secured well in advance.

Imagine if you've done everything on your end correctly, and a vendor has to pull out for an emergency several months before the ceremony! At least, having planned in advance, you’ll have ample time to find their replacement. Don't let procrastination spoil your big day; prepare for your wedding in advance!

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