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It is a known fact that Gambian born actress, now presenter, Princess Shyngle acquired her unbelievable (abnormal) waist through an extreme use of waist trainers. It’s also fairly obvious she suffers from depression and self esteem issues.

Mental Illness – “Waist Training Had Nothing To Do With Kidney Infection” – Princess Shyngle

Tiny Waist Obsessed Actress ‘Princess Shyngle’ Allegedly Attempts Suicide In Nigeria

This might be partially what has led to the actress to constantly work on her attempt to get the perfect body, which she stated earlier this year “I hate my body”. However, if you wish to follow her footsteps then you might be interested in seeing how tight she squeezes her body to look abnormal.

the actress is now campaigning for them and for women who feel they wish to have a ‘crazy’ body figure like hers, has decide to take her campaign a notch higher this time.

Princess Shyngle took to her instagram to post how tight she wears her waist trainers to encourage the ladies wanting her figure to go out there and buy her current waist trainer because “it is the best”.

She wrote on the photo which has her covering only the nipples of her raw melons “My Mapia waist trainers is bae 😍😍❤️ check out how tiny and snatched my waist is 💃🏽❤️😍 had to show off before I head out 😂😂 order yours now ladies“

How far will some go to be sexy?

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