African Wear Fashion Party In Ghana!! Let’s Set The World On Colour!!


The event listed below has already taken place and you can watch the video here. Please scroll further down below the video to read the original post.

african fashion party

It’s the African Wear party and it’s only for the rockers. This hot event is proudly sponsored by and guess what, we will be bringing you footage of who wore what and who wore who.

The night takes place this Saturday, 22 June 2013, Club Invasion, East Legon, Krystis Building. The first in Ghana of a new trend picking up around the world, so join us in the birth place of the Kente cloth where we can expose how it’s really done.


Seven Star Entertainment is an events company and have been running some of the hottest parties and club nights in and around Ghana. It is no doubt that African wear is in fashion, there are lots of shy people who are yet to catch up, but for the brave and chic amongst us, now is the time to unleash your printed heels, African designer shirts, beaded wrist bands, waxed dresses and bow ties.

It’s okay to party, but it’s better to party as a Ghanaian. If you haven’t been to an African Wear party before, then you haven’t seen real fashion on a night out. Don’t miss out, look forward to a colourful night!


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