Africans in USA Orchestrate The Nigerian Fashion & Beauty Awards 2013

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Get ready for the Nigerian Fashion & Beauty Awards 2013….if you are living in America. Although it’s entitled the Nigerian Fashion & Beauty Awards it is set for Saturday May 4, 2013 at Hilton Houston Southwest Hotel, Houston, Texas – USA. With a long line of credible sponsors including airline sponsors, there is a great chance that Nigerian’s from home would be heavily involved in this event as it doesn’t acknowledge USA in the title.

A good number of our contacts are fairly unaware of this programme, and the video which includes the organisers (to put this in the best appropriate words) seems quite mature and very cultural. We can not say which section of the fashion industry they are involving or appealing to. But for those interested follow this link, and watch the video below to get a gist of what I explained above, this video is a promo of last years event. WARNING: It is a VERY interesting video.

Well it says fashion and beauty, so if you are Nigerian and you feel you deserve it, get intouch with them.

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