Until recently birthday’s have always been a day to reflect on the past year, the achievements, high and low of ones journey, being thankful to their creator and have a more intimate celebrations with the people who matter the most in their lives, but in the last decade or so birthdays have turned into some sort of glamorous affair where people now have people plan an extravagant birthday celebration for them, from hosting birthday dinners, parties, pool parties or even destination birthday parties with friends and families are now the other of the day but one of such things that have been become even more popular lately is the new crave for birthday pre-photoshoot.

Its been said that Pre-Birthday Photoshoot actually started by in the early 2000s where babies where the center of attraction, babies who were turning a year old are wrapped a silk wool wrap, with a well designed comfy cap and accessories to accompany their already angelic look and allow a professional photographer take a photo of them for memory sake which the baby would remember when they grow as a way to remind them how their journey all started. So until the mid 2000s and 2010, the craze for pre-birthday photoshoot started catching up on people when couples who were about to get married also popularized it, although it has been in existence right from the 80s till date, just recently our very own celebrated legend actress Nadia Buari who has always been a very private person who always shied away from the public eyes, even when she gave birth to her 4 kids not a single person in the public domain knew, not even the media but during the Actress birthday which she celebrated on November 21st, the actress decided to jump on the Pre-Birthday Photoshoot and this time she collaborated with celebrated Ghanaian dynamic twins duo TwinDntBeg who over the space of 4 years have a huge significant impact on the Ghanaian space, by being the official photographer of the Vice First Lady of Ghana and have shot celebrities both home and Abroad. The theme for the Pre-Birthday was simply reminiscing the true essence of being black, African and indeed proud of our heritage as the actress is seen in each frame showcasing the rich African ornaments such as Cowries, Beads etc. and she went for a wine nude make-up for her face beat and had her hair weaved in bulky ways.

What should have been a very appreciative shoot where her fans where to appreciate her for turning 38 and congratulate her for her many legendary status, there have been a twist as fans of the actress have accused TwinsDntBeg photographers of the shoot for actually delivering a different image of their favorite actress, fans and even industry have said openly that the Nadia Buari they know isn’t the Nadia Buari they are seeing, they claim that her face and even skin tone went through a lot of Photoshop, retouching and have completely changed who the real Nadia Buari is, in a world where beauty is really trying to amend all the crazy wrongs they have infested on the people, the works TwinsDntBeg just did on the actress have rubbed off on that good work, people want to appreciate who they are, whether black or white, slim or fat, tall or short, hippy or oval shape, whatever form appreciating who you are is the key to what beauty is all about.


Here are the images from the Birthday Shoot Actress Nadia Buari did with TwinsDntBeg, in your own candid opinion do you think the images reflect the Nadia Buari we all know judging from her picture she took a day before the birthday shoot which could be found on her Instagram page. Let us know what you think in the comment section.


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