#AFWk 5 Business Tips: Finding & Shaping Your New Designer Brand In Ghana / Accra Fashion Week

Credit: The Talented Aphia Sakyi At Her Workshop

With the amazing Accra Fashion Week 2016 on it’s way, AFWk in conjunction with FashionGHANA.com will bring you designer tips from time to time. The Accra Fashion Week which is scheduled to take place at the Trade Fair Center is said to feature a host of international designers from around the globe in and outside of Africa.


The main purpose is to create a business hub that can satisfy the creative and employment desires of the fashion industry and fashionistas of Ghana. With the growth of fashion in Ghana we have decided to bring forth weekly tips for those who wish to get involved in the industry.

This week we look at a five pointers new designers can adopt when creating their fashion brand, so read and learn below.

Selecting your brand name is very important and is what will set your course as a fashion designer or designer brand throughout your career. In most cases most of us launch ourselves into our careers by our nick names, or names that rang a bell in our heads sometime in our lives. This might not always be necessarily adviseable as a business.

There is a habbit in Ghana for designers to misspell their selected brand names or words in the name. Such as Angies Dezyns, or Abis Colletionz, or Kwame Klodin, or Janes Butik, or Mike’L’s Wear. All of which are unnecessary and will harm your business. In your young years it may seem like the brightest creative idea for you to misspell words or your name, But in the professional world it yells only onething, young and unprofessional. Technically, any name that you need to spell out to someone for them you understand after your pronounce it is bad for business. Or to say the least, cutting you short of a quick branding advantage. It’s not to say all effective brand names must be shortened and spelled as pronounced, but it will take a hefty some of money to ensure the public adopts a complicated brand name.

Most people begin labels because the enjoy the art of sewing, however the skill of sewing only leads to one job, being a tailor. Owning a brand or a fashion label embodies almost everything and just a minor touch of sewing. Most top brand owners at times no longer even visit the work shop because there are talented people in the field of designing who do that for them. And in such cases those people don’t even make the dresses but design them. Understand where you passion is, are you into sewing, are you into seeing people wear nice clothes, are you into running a fashion label as a business, or do you simply wish to be famous and see your name on people’s labels. When you decide the most honest answer, it can help guide you future activities and what you need to do to get there.

Do not pick up the habbit of limiting yourself you your surroundings. Only those who grew up in the age of no internet would really know how to appreciate it. Back in the days, people would have to buy books, sometimes even order them from abroad, only to gain hold of contact which you can simply google today. Even to see the inspiring designs of the world, most had to buy magazines. Most will need to pay for consultation for information you can web search. Today it’s all at your finger tips. From styles, inspiration, opportunities, contacts, advice such as the one you are reading now and much more. With the right presentation you can even become and international sensation.

Ok, yes get inspiration from the world wide web, but also take that from your personal clients. A lot of clients come to you, because they have a hint of creativity that they can not find in the wider market. By working closely with and satisfying your clients needs, you are also opening yourself into a niche market of designs that are not available in your market. Take heed to their requests and then also apply your sense of creativity to it.

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