#AFWk 5 Business Tips: Designers – How To Make Money From The Internet


With the amazing Accra Fashion Week 2016 on it’s way, AFWk in conjunction with FashionGHANA.com will bring you designer tips from time to time. The Accra Fashion Week which is scheduled to take place at the Trade Fair Center is said to feature a host of international designers from around the globe in and outside of Africa.


This week our 5 business tips will be hosted on the actual www.AccraFashionWeek.org website. If you loved our previous tips about bettering your relationship with buyers (read here) you will find this one extremely useful.

In this day upon us, internet is a very useful tool and gives us the ability to stand in competition amongst some of the greatest international brands, so it’s worth a read. To view the article visit http://www.accrafashionweek.org/afwk-5-business-tips-designers-how-to-make-money-from-the-internet/ website and read along.

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