Alecia Morais of Cape Verde Titled Africa’s Best @ Model Search in China


15 year old Alecia Morais left the Elite Model Search competition in China in the top 15 and also with the title as Africa’s best. Hopefully there is a Europe’s best, Asia’s best and so forth, because if not that would simply be a patronizing statement to the limited chances of African models winning. But ignore me and my skepticism. The beautiful girl was accompanied by Cape Verde’s top model Vanny Reis, and left the competition more than proud. She is represented by Da Banda models and could possibly be signed to Vais Models in Cape Verde. Here are a few images of her below.

She will possibly be relocating to Paris where she can hopefully build a great career as a model. Another girl we urged everyone to look out for was Cameroons representative at the competition. She is also another stunner. We are sure win or no win, title or no title these girls will surely be connected to various persons and agents in the industry who can help further their career so we wish them all the best.

Although, I do hope one day we would see a model competition owned by Africans under and African names brand, with a head management team based in Africa, in which girls from all over the world will come and compete. And in the process we will be awarding them titles like Europe’s best, and Australia’s best and so forth. There are two many models in Africa desperately seeking their break and opportunities from abroad which doesn’t reflect positively on Africa. Why not have other nationalities seek their opportunities here, via our brands. What do you think? Is this possible? Another question is, is the growing young fashion model trend that has existed in Europe, America good for Africa? Let me know your thoughts.



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