Alikoto Clothing presents ‘Jill Of All Trades’ Jun 25 2013


From the 1st of July,2013 to the 12th of July,2013, Alikoto Clothing presents Alikoto Clothing Women’s Month dubbed ‘Jill Of All Trades.’ This is an event to celebrate women who are challenging the status quo and doing more than one activity successfully.



The event will run online [Facebook,Youtube and Tumblr,mainly.And then Twitter],on Alikoto Clothing’s Facebook page ( ) with each day revealing a ‘Jill Of All Trade’; their journey, challenges and triumphs and on a TV screen near you.

On their Youtbe channel: Alikoto Clothing:

And on Tumblr:

On Twitter you can follow @poetra_asantewa for updates about the event.

There will be a networking event on the 20th of July at Taverna Tropicana to bring together people from all professions, to interact, network, share ideas and enjoy some music and poetry.

Alikoto Clothing was founded by designer and Spoken Word poet Poetra Ama Asantewa.

For more details you can call +233 269183021 or send a mail to [email protected]

You can also “Like” their Facebook page:




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