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Ever since the controversy that followed the public announcement of Fella Makafui dating Medikal, there has been some changes we as a public have noticed about our sweet Fella Makafui, and that is she is not sweet any more. In fact she is more fierce, almost like she went from being a bunny rabbit to a rap star without the microphone.

Fella Makafui’s images and presence on social media nowadays is just a tad bit away from that of Nikki Minaj or Cardi B. A lot of style and a lot of attitude. However, these changes were only visible after her controversial relationship with Medikal was made public. And with these changes also came along with a lot of variation in hairstyle which was different to her original monostyle short and at times permed to the side.

So what could these changes imply! For one they good imply something very good about the relationship, or sadly something very bad, and then there is the third which could be something that has totally nothing to do with the relationship.

LOOK 1 –

Let’s start with the bad. As we do not know what goes on behind closed doors, all this is speculation, and Fella’s change of hair styles could imply a relationship that is on the rocks and a woman desperately doing everything to make sure it works, meaning complimenting her man tremendously, changing looks to find out what pleases him amongst many other things.

Ever since she took Medikal away from Deborah Vanessa she has been threatened by public and by Sister Derby herself that Medikal would do the same to her. As Derby said in her famous ‘Kakalika’ song, “what he do me he go do you”. One big fear of everywoman that takes a man away from another woman is that another woman will do the same.

At this stage one will go into full pleasure mode to ensure this doesn’t happen. Could Fella’s change of hair do be a result of her action in doing various things to find out what keeps Medikal attracted to her?

LOOK 2 – Short Blonde

Now let’s analyse the good possibility. Maybe Fella has always been the dynamic and creative person willing to try various looks but had fear coming out of her shell might turn away the man of her dreams, so she remained reserved, lady like and sweet and style to a hairdo she knew she couldn’t go wrong with.

After finding Medikal, she is now complete with what she wants in life and couldn’t care what any critics say, hence why she is now ready to be who she wishes to be and experiment with any and every look that comes to mind. After all if any one doesn’t like it what threat would it be to her lifestyle? Shes got her businesses, her popularity and even more so the man she loves.

LOOK 3 – Straight Hair

Or it could be 3. Which is a little on the lines of 2, however after getting hit by a few stones by the public after ‘taking Medikal from Derby’ as many see it, she has now exiting her ‘I tried to please everyone’ phase and going with the ‘you can’t please everyone’ way of life and showing the world she can be who or what she wants to be.

And from this we have a pile of hairdos coming from the actress almost every week.

LOOK 4 – Long And Frizzy


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