Amazing Ways to Pull Off That Cocktail Attire

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If you just got invited to a cocktail party then be prepared. Because this certain type of party always comes with a set of rules for you to follow. First of all, what is cocktail attire? Well, they are certain types of dresses you wear to semi-formal party events while also wearing different kinds of accessories. They have various designs and styles so you can choose any type of cocktail dresses online that specifically highlights your individuality. However, there are certain ways to make your outfit stand out amongst the rest of the people at the party.

Follow the types of ways below which will surely help you pull off any kind of cocktail dress of your choice and advise you on what will make your dress look absolutely stunning throughout the event:

Statement Accessory

Leaving the house with at least one statement accessory on can do so much good in the way you appear in front of others. Accessories are the perfect addition you need when you are looking for something to alleviate your outfit appeal. However, be careful not to go overboard and wear every piece of accessory you own for every cocktail party event. It will look messy and visually make your outfit look unappealing.

You only need one accessory to make things work in your favor so try picking out one piece such as a pendant or hoop earrings. Simply anything that stands out but also compliments your dress at the same time.

Try the Trousers

There is no rule set in stone that says you only have to wear a dress in order to attend a cocktail party. In fact, there are many cocktail dresses where you can rock that look with a sleek trouser on. Try out some chic and stylish trousers or even pantsuits with a blouse made of chiffon or silk to the dress code. You can also try adding in a statement necklace, a small purse, and pumps that match the color scheme of your entire outfit.

Keep in mind that jeans won’t mesh well with a cocktail party look. Sure they can be your go-to comfort clothing choice but for a cocktail party, they won’t help in bringing out the magic of your fashion appeal.

Get the Clutch

We know you ladies can’t help but stack up against your essentials in your handbag and carry it around with you whenever you go out. I mean, after all, you want to be prepared in case of an emergency.

However, like its pros, it also has its cons. And one of the major flaws with it is that a huge handbag is just a disastrous addition to your cocktail party attire. It is oversized and takes away the attention that should have been aimed at your dress.

Make sure that you carry a clutch instead. It is small yet convenient sized for you to put a couple of important things easily inside it. Moreover, it has an elegant and chic appeal that enhances the appeal of your appearance. If you still worry about the fact that you haven’t carried enough essentials, then you can always keep an emergency bag in your car just to be safe.

Wear the Heels

As much as we love indulging in the comforts of wearing flip flops, slippers and every single heel-less shoe on a daily basis, unfortunately, they are just not cocktail party material. Wearing a pair of flip flops to a cocktail party wouldn’t work with your cocktail outfit and you would actually have to experience a situation where you don’t fit in with the rest of the people in the party. And you don’t want that now do you?

Save yourself the embarrassment and bear wearing some fancy and stylish heels to your cocktail occasions. We promise that your endurance will be worth it. Heels will be the ideal addition to your outfit as they will add a lift to your figure and accentuate the length and the beauty of your legs.

Watch Out For the Hemline

Cocktail dresses online have a large variety of designs and styles. This is why most people can often go wrong when it comes to choosing an outfit for a cocktail party. Cocktail dresses are meant for semi-formal parties- which means you need a fancy attire that is just the right amount of formal so that you can also rock that look in an informal party as well.

In that case, you need to focus on the hemline. Make sure it’s not too long like a gown otherwise it will look too formal. And don’t have the hems too short otherwise you will be attracting unnecessary attention. Try dresses that end just a little lower or a little above the knee and make sure that your dress neckline doesn’t end too far down. It should be wide enough for you to wear a necklace which, together with the neckline, will highlight your collar bones and enhance your natural beauty.

When In Doubt, Trust Black

Since there is so much choice in choosing any kind of cocktail dress, it can also be very overwhelming to pick one that will look the best on you at all times. Often we dress up in a cocktail outfit we think will look good. But it usually ends up having a flaw or two such as sometimes your undergarments are visible or it’s too vibrant or dull for the occasion etc. This is especially stressful during times when you are suddenly invited to a cocktail party and you need to find a dress as soon as possible. Which also means you don’t have time to experiment.


If you ever come across such a situation, always opt for a black cocktail dress. Black outfits are the best illusionists you will find. They make your body appear slimmer by hiding away any excess fat bulges. If you accidentally spill a drink on them, you don’t have to worry about a stain being visible for the entire duration of the party. Moreover, they accentuate the body frame better than any colored dress of the same style so you really can’t go wrong when you opt for a black cocktail dress in a state of fashion crisis.

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