Another Successful Night For Cape Verde’s Noite Branca 2015 – White Fashion Night! See Runway Images Here

[tps_header] has followed Cape Verde’s Noite Branca since it’s beginings and brought you the 2013 event. This year saw a lot more of Cape Verde’s talent hit the runway, from budding designers, established designers to boutiques.


A better set of images and photography could have complimented the outfits more. Nevertheless, as seen below, the there were some decent and some stronger designers on the night which as always is a great introduction to what could be from the nation of islands. See styles and looks below and enjoy.

[/tps_header] See all designs by Zany, Unathi, Raízes, Lara Patricia, Fashion Plus Size, A Casa Do Tunga, Criatividartes, Ello’s Boutique.


Click Right To See Unathi


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