Are You A Simple, Casual Fashion Person? Then Fashion Enthusiast, Sunita Is Your Style Inspiration


Do you have a casual and simple fashion personality? If yes then we know you love to be comfortable. You like to go make up free, the most you will go is probably only lip gloss. You love easy hairstyles and often no earnings.

Fashion enthusiast, Sunita has a simple, casual persona and when you visit her page, you will see lots of jeans, shorts, simple tops, crop and tan tops, simple dresses, baggy, flats, loafers, strappy heels, and sneakers – casual wardrobe would also have flip flops, sweat pants, and loose tops.

It is obvious that Sunita loves to be free and comfortable in her outfits but as simple as her style is, it is also very stylish and fashionable. She blends simplicity with style so well, and we love how she does it.

If you are a casual girl and need some style inspiration to slay, then Sunita is your girl. Scroll through her pics below to draw some inspiration. (Some weeks ago, we shared some casual style inspirations from Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson so you can pick some cue from her too)





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