Are You Bored Of Your Denim Combo? These Seven Styling Tips Would Help

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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In this article, I’ll be sharing styling tips that’ll bring out the beauty of your denim pants. Before I became a fan of denim, it didn’t make sense to me that I’ll have to wear it once or twice a week. When friends always showed up with different styles of denim, I was motivated to try mine. I started with buying one and experimenting with various types. It became more interesting that I went shopping for more. Today, I boast of a boyfriend, high waist, skinny, wide leg, and any jeans design available. If a new design is released today, I’m sure to purchase it almost immediately. That’s how much I’m addicted to it.

This post shares styling tips to increase your elegance and self-confidence. The next time you step out, your friends would be wondering how you came up with the ideas. Please be truthful with the details. As we know, Fall never ceases to approach, and the closer it gets, the more people visit their wardrobes to dust their denim. Don’t let the next season come to you as a surprise. Here are seven ways to style your denim jeans:


  1. Everyday appearance

Simple is sweet. Anyone who says otherwise does not enjoy life to the fullest. Who says you have to appear complicated to please anyone? Who says you should have a sleepless night thinking about your next outfit? Whatever it is they said, shun them and listen to my honest opinion. You can style your denim with a pair of boots and a cotton tee shirt. Any t-shirt you have would suffice here. It creates a simple and effortless look. Better still, you may want to augment it to make a fashion statement. All you need to do is add a few accessories. By that, I mean boots, a hat, sunglasses, and a bag or wallet in the pocket. Most people would rather not wear earrings or necklaces with a casual outfit like this one, but you can add it if you want. What matters is that you are confident in your appearance and want to show it to the world.


  1. Moccasins inspired styling

In the first tip, you styled your denim with a plain or floral t-shirt. This time, there’s a slight tweak to it. If you’ve always admired moccasins from day one, this is an opportunity to bring the best out of it. For me, it’s been love at first sight. I still have a couple of them in my closet. Not only are they comfortable and straightforward, but they are cute too. Your skinny jeans go perfectly with it. Men can also rock this attire to hang out with friends. This complete outfit is all you need to start a successful day.


  1. Chiffon blouse tucked in high waisted trousers

High-waisted denim creates a feeling of seriousness. These days, they are worn to official gatherings and practically everywhere. If you wouldn’t succumb to the regular jeans, this one is sure to grab your attention. Don’t be scared that it wouldn’t fit because slim and plus-sized women enjoy the benefit. This appearance doesn’t outline your flaws nor makes you look more mature than your age. You get everything in the right proportion. One thing about high-waisted is that it gives you the luxury of showing off your waistline. And yes, your chiffon is so free that it doesn’t outline the upper part of your body. Let’s say you’re busty and don’t want the whole world staring at your boobs; this is the perfect outfit for you. What’s even more fascinating about this look is that you can rock it on a limited budget. You only need to change the blouse and rock the same jeans over and over again. As for the belt, there are affordable ones available in cloth stores. Men can rock the denim jeans with a white or black shirt and tuck it in. Brown or black belt would do for this appearance.


  1. Double Denim

This may sound too poetic, but it is worth every stress. Oh, I forgot – there’s no iota of pressure here. Don’t be shy to rock a denim jacket and trousers at a go. To make the best of it, you can go for similar tones and a colorful shirt inside. There’s no rule of thumb here but the rule of fun. Even if you choose an uneven tone combination, you’ll still grab attention. When it comes to fashion, conventions don’t work. You can accessorize with a matching belt and favorite sunglasses. Don’t also miss out on any shoe that suits your mood. For me, the shoespiration that comes to mind is a pair of white sneakers.


  1. Shirty Denim

You don’t have to look all girly and gentle whenever your step out for an event. Sometimes, it is best to show your crazy side. The Shirty Denim allows you to show the world the other side you’ve been hiding. Boyfriend shirt and jeans are an inseparable match made in heaven. And if you’re a man, it is only natural to own a few denim jeans ripped, tank tops and T-shirts. You don’t beed to break the bank to recreate this look.


  1. DIY your Denim

If you have old denim you’re tired of wearing, you may need to sort them out before reading this styling tip. This has to be the best style that captivates me because it brings out all your creativity. You can convert your old jeans into shorts and fray the edges. How does this work? Take a tape and measure the length of shorts you want – bum shorts aren’t a bad idea too. After measuring the desired length from your waist, place the tape on the trousers and mark it. Cut it afterward and fray the edges. You can bleach or dye the shorts to your taste to make them more colorful. You can rock with a chiffon or strapless blouse.

  1. Patchwork

For some of us, wearing bare denim is boring, which explains the need to add a slight twist. Embroidery is everything these days. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as what you see on the internet. You can do it yourself. All you need to do is find that old clothing you’ve meant to do away with and come up with something unique. Cut out various shapes from the fabric and sew them on the jean using a thread and needle. To add a touch of glam to it, patch the shirt with some of the material too. Devote some minutes to this, and you’d be shocked at the outcome. Flaunt your favorite bag and shoe on the attire, and you’re good to go.

Whoever delineated denim as a casual outfit wasn’t futuristic about it. Gone are when employees would strictly warn their employers not to show up at work with jeans. These days, it is widely accepted. Even corporate organizations see no need to box their employees to wear a certain kind of dress. About wearing denim, there are some unwritten rules. The first one is that you should add denim accessories to your loom when wearing denim because it is equivalent to fashion overdose.

Tell me about your favorite denim combo in the comment section and how you plan to experiment with new styles. If you are not a fan, tell us why. I hope this post convinces you to take the denim bull by the horn.

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