Awesome And Fashionable Ways To Knot Long Belts That You Should Know

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There is nothing annoying like your belt hanging from the side of your outfit and you have to be tucking it in every split second. Not to talk of the embarrassing fashion moments it can cause. But need not to worry there is solution to that.

Fashion experts came up with different ways you can style your long belts to look even more fashionable. Whether you are styling yourself or styling a client, these fashionable ways of knotting a long belt is a must know for every fashionista and stylist.

You definitely don’t want your hanging belt adding wrong vibes to your perfectly put together outfit. So take a look at these stylish ways to knot your long belt and turn your long belt nightmares into sweet fashion dreams- even if you know how to, you definitely don’t know all so we are sure you will catch even more awesome ideas from here.

Simple knot

Double knot

Classic knot

Hidden end

Butterfly knot

The loop

Twin loop knot

Inside loop knot

Round knot



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