Beyonce Goes Nude And African Again For Flaunt Magazine July 2013 – Are The Knowles Sisters Making A Fashion Statement?


Here again, Beyonce is seen in African type fashion, following the other African feature in the controversial feature in l’Official Magazine that occurred over a couple years black due to face painting.

I sat down and began to think about it, from the recent images of her tour, from her trip to Cuba with Jay Z, the two magazine spreads in discussion, the random photos that popped up with some photoshoot she engaged in in an African jump suit, also her appearance with Jay Z in Nigeria wearing Nigerian outfits. Not only that, having a sister Solange Knowles, who is also popular and mostly seen in African print, are the Knowles sisters trying to make a point with their African connection? Or at least love for African print of that matter.


Of all the A list celebrities I would tend to believe Beyonce and Solange are probably topping the charts of who has worn print the most. Besides this, it is obvious that Beyonce always tries to be the best at everything she does and tries to make a landmark, from covers to shows, to the dresses she wears to star studded event. But as an original fan going nude to sell a magazine is something that doesn’t enlighten me about her. Anyways, make your money! Enjoy the images below.

beyonce nude flaunt magazine (1)

beyonce nude flaunt magazine (2)

beyonce nude flaunt magazine (6)


beyonce nude flaunt magazine (5)

beyonce nude flaunt magazine (4)

beyonce nude flaunt magazine (3)

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    • @Korkor ”So you’re saying that your culture in Africa has nothing in common with us African Americans in the USA? Are you implying that we here in the USA think that we are better than you in Africa? It certainly comes across as such to me. Speaking for myself personally i do not and never have felt that way about your country. You don’t know a thing about me brother. Look in the mirror before you try to judge me brother.”

  1. she’s wearing a few African pieces of jewelry. that hardly counts as ‘promoting our culture’. The US fashion industry treats Africa as an accessory. We are much more than that. And I know that you’re blind to the propaganda that is going on here because they are stars but think deeper. you might get it

  2. I understand why the n-word is offensive, and you’re quite right in your explanation. But who gets to decide which is more offensive? If there are more modest Americans who are offended by the f-word, then there are Americans who are offended by the n-word, isn’t the f-word then more offensive? Apparently just asking the question is COMPLETELY offensive.


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