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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

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She has been fairly quiet however we are still crushing on Winnie Harlow. The world’s number one vitiligo model. The beautiful bombshell took what every man was once shy of and turned it into a fantasy. Her confidence levels are one hundred and she’s been a primary inspiration to millions of vitiligo. Her very existence defies any reason to even see vitiligo as an illness. Its incredible how she has turned what was once seen as a disability and single handedly turned it into a fantasy! Winnie Harlow​ is a cultural revolution and deserved more props than she is getting now.

And it’s this confidence that has allowed her to take on on beauty and flaunt it so hard, even non vitilgo people get jealous. So with that said, we bring to your 24 images of Winnie being every inch of fantasy and hotness in swimwear and in some cases less. Feast your eyes on the beauty below.


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