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Ghana Relationships 

Mother’s day came and went, and here in Ghana besides the usual celebrity shots with mothers, there were three family pictures that made mothers day a sight for sore eyes.

The first was Michelle Obama’s fabulous family image as she served us with 3 generations of blissful beauty and a track record of being a great first lady, the beautiful picture definitely made it’s rounds internationally and definitely in Africa given us a great mothers day vibe.

The second was a beautiful image of an African mother with her two daughters, unfortunately the source to this image was unknown amongst many of it’s sharers, however it seems what made it go viral was the fashion element to it. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a family photo in dashiki print. The photo below also shows a natural hair mother with her natural hair daughters both holding natural hair dolls. Now if this doesn’t speak to self love what else does.

The most viral of all, was a little like the previous one but with extra magic. This time the father was in the picture, and not only the father, but also two more sons and even more, a pregnant mother. If this doesn’t speak to what family goals are nothing does. And no one could be more proud of such a mother other than herself for holding the family strong together.

Should the new trend of mother’s day images should include a father in the images? After all, mothers are always congratulated for holding the family bonds together.


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