Breaking News: Switzerland Grants $3.5mil to Ghana’s Fashion Industry


It was just reported in the daily graphic ‘The Swiss Government has provided a $3.5 million grant to the Ethical Fashion Initiative Ghana Project to support job creation in the country. The project is aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs in the fashion and fabric industry to create employment and sustainable self-reliance’.

This is news worth celebrating, but unfortunately being the skeptic that I am, I have to ask…..Why? Where does Switzerland’s interest lie in this deal, are they simply good Samaritans, could it be a PR stunt? Or a curropt government deal buried under this guise? So the question is answered and the article further reports ‘At a press conference in Accra, the Swiss Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Andrea Semadeni, said the project was intended to improve the economic situation of poor communities by creating jobs through the establishment of sustainable supply chains in textiles, fashion and lifestyle products.

He said the project would also propel the products of young Ghanaian entrepreneurs and designers in the fashion and textile industry onto the international fashion value chain.

“Ghana has a great potential and is well positioned to respond to the prevailing market conditions. Therefore, it will be the hub for the transformation of inputs in the traditional fabrics,” he said.’

The Programme Manager of SECO, Ms Irenka Krone Germann, said the project, being the first of its kind in West Africa, was intended to empower the institutions and businesses for sustainable self-reliance.

For her part, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Ms Hannah Tetteh, said the programme was in line with the government’s industrial sector support programme.

She said it also confirmed the government’s commitment to work towards the betterment of the lives of Ghanaians in marginalised and deprived communities.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative is mentored by icons of the fashion world, including a Ghanaian fashion designer, Mr Kofi Ansah.’ – Report Ends.

I guess we can say we love Kofi Ansah, but we believe if a foreign entity is going to be donating as much as $3.5million to the ethical nuturing of the Ghana fashion industry, surely the executive plans if this money should made public and transparent. The eyes of a few individuals may not be wide enough to witness all trails of $3.5million. We hope the ministry of tourism will continue to keep the press updated with all progress.

There are some great individuals in the Ghana fashion industry and work hard towards ethical fashion, such as the ladies behind Global Mamas. It will be great if many like them get to witness the productivity of this grant.

Let us know what you think. How should this money be used?



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