[tps_header]Never has Ghana witnessed such a spectacular fashion event, Accra Fashion Week 2016 definitely brought to the nation a host of fabulous collections and designers from around the continent. The 5 day long event featured designers from Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, USA, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa and more. Below are just a few of the designers that rocked the runway.


To see all runway action from the event, click on Accra Fashion Week 2016.

See all designs by Bri Wireduah, Anita Beryl & By Wubben (Formerly Akwan2fo).

3. Bri Wireduah

Bri Wireduah

Drag/Slide Right To See designs By Anita Beryl

2. Anita Beryl

Anita Beryl

Anita Beryl

Drag/Slide Right To See designs by By Wubben (Formerly Akwan2fo)

1. By Wubben (Formerly Akwan2fo)


Pictures by SDR Photo

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