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Ghana Racism In Fashion 

50 Cent burnt his Gucci products in protest following the “blackface” controversy engulfing the company.

The rapper posted a video of himself setting one of his designer t-shirts on fire, captioning the post by vowing that he would get rid of all his branded goods.

50 Cent wrote: “I gotta get rid of all the Gucci I have at home. I’m not supporting their brand anymore.”

Another critical post read: “Yeah I’m gonna pass on Gucci, I’m giving all mine to the homeless so the right demo can wear it.”

I think if black people accept another ‘Sorry’ we did not know we are racist, we are really defining ourselves as fools. If white people continue to support this brand or stand by and let their fellow race mates do so, they are making it clear their position on the stance of racism.

Remember when African American footballer Collin Kapernick started his protest, it almost felt like it was him on his own and he would be going down the drain, but he kept pushing until it meant something. This is our time to show these silly pop up racist acts, especially by fashion brands will now kill their careers and institutions.

And more power to you if you decide to protest any stores that retails the Gucci brand!


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