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dress6topIt has been occurring so much, every time we record a show or publish a look book, most of you have resulted to asking us how can you buy this, where can you buy it. We have even stopped approving such comments. And despite what most of the designers here think, they are not easily accessible, most of them do not even appear on social media searches.

So in favour of yourselves and every and any one reading this article, what will happen from here on will go as follows. Any show you watch in Africa (mainly that covered by us), or any look book your see published by any African designer (mainly that published on this website), if you want it you can get it.

All you have to do is simply email us at [email protected] or [email protected] with the details of the dress, where you saw the dress and where we can see it (preferably a link), and the size and measurements you would want.

From this point on, we will take it upon our ability to do the dirty work for you. Find the designer, check the availability of the dress and the availability in your required size, find the costs, also research the cost of the delivery, and the summarize a quote for you. There will be an extra service fee of $25 for all of that, after which if you are happy, your dress would be sent to you right after payment.


This service will be a service strictly between our readers and us and not necessarily a service arranged with by any designer anywhere. Meaning we will be acting as a contracted employee on your behalf to purchase any beautiful African garment you spot anywhere. With contact and agents in almost every African country, we should be able to bring African fashion to your doorstep at anytime.

Please visit this link here ( at any point if our terms and conditions are to change it will be published on this page. Now that is said, why don’t you try us now and get the dress you want right away. Click here on look book, or visit our youtube page

PS: Note that December is going to also see a very well updates African fashion boutique right here on




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