Catch Up With The Trend, And Find Out How to Choose a Quality Black Diamond

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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Are you looking for a unique piece of jewellery? Black diamonds are bold and beautiful. Since the late 20th century they have become more popular, especially paired with colourless diamonds. The contrast of the dark and light colours create stunning engagement rings. Black diamonds get their colour from the large amounts of inclusions (small imperfections) within them, usually made up of graphite. These inclusions generate the beautiful opaque black colour of the diamond. If you are ready to take the next step and purchase your own black diamond, here are some things that you will want to consider.

The 4 C’s of Black Diamonds

The cut of a diamond can have the most impact on colour and sparkle. Like all coloured diamonds, the black diamond has its own unique needs when it comes to cut. This is why you should always choose a trusted expert in coloured diamonds like Astteria for in-depth photos and expertise of the piece you would like to purchase. Some popular cuts are:

Round, Cushion, and Pear. Paired with a 14k white metal such as gold or platinum makes a stunning piece.

Colour. The unique colour of the black diamond actually works in the reverse of a colourless diamond which refracts light. A black diamond absorbs it. As mentioned the inclusion or imperfections found within a black diamond colour the diamond itself. This also means that black diamonds do not carry the typical grading system as other colourless and fancy coloured diamonds.

Clarity, for example, is not a factor when choosing a black diamond. Their colour is also defined as Fancy Black without the other options. That being said, they have a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making them durable.

Carat or weight determines the cost. Since black diamonds are less known and therefore in less demand, they are surprisingly affordable. Typical carat cost for certified GIA loose black diamonds is around $2,000.

Famous Black Diamonds

The black Orlov is probably the most famous black diamond. Weighing over 67 carats this incredible piece, according to legend, originally was cut from a 197-carat piece found in the eye of a Hindu statue in India.

Celebrities like Angelia Jolie have also been seen wearing these exotic pieces.

Jewellery Options

Many people enjoy using a black diamond as the centrepiece to their jewellery but this isn’t a must. You can pair them with colourless diamonds as well as other fancy coloured diamonds for a real show-stopper. Likewise black diamond, lab grown diamonds is growing trend amond young people. Even celebrities commonly wear lab grown diamond earrings on public events.

Fun Fact: Black diamonds are said to symbolize eternal and unchanging love. Already people are using them for engagement rings and wedding bands.


Because of their rarity, black diamonds can make excellent investment opportunities. Like all diamonds, quality matters but with black diamonds, you can’t optimize on clarity. Instead, focus on finding a unique piece with the best colour and carat. In other words, if you can afford a large piece that will be the best investment. Their price point makes them a nice entry to investing in fancy diamonds.

Other fancy coloured diamonds will add to the value, so pairings such as pink, blue or red diamonds, will add to your price.

Take away:

Black diamonds are a unique fancy coloured diamond choice. Due to their attractive price point and durability, black diamonds are a wonderful choice for a unique addition to anyone’s jewellery collection. To choose your diamond always be sure to choose an expert in the field such as Astteria. Also, always check certification from the GIA or another industry leader that you can trust. Although black diamonds don’t have all of the 4Cs establishing.carat and authenticity is very important for your investment.

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