Check Out All The Fringe Inspiration You Need That Our African Ladies Are Serving


Fringe, is said to have been a border or edge of hanging threads, cords, or strips, and was often found on garment made from suede, leather and buckskin. It first became a decorative fashion embellishment in the 1920’s as part of the flapper look- a popular dress style for women, and fringe was used to aid a bit of length to daring styles.

This fashion trend has however made a major come back and it seems it is here to stay, as it has become the new trend in today’s fashion and is being rocked by women all over the world and African women are no exception.

African women are rocking this new trend, and showing off their enviable feminine figures in various lovely designs and styles, and we are here for all of it. Whether made in skirts, dresses or used to design other fabrics, fringe styles are always classy to rock, so get in the fringe fever. Take a look at how African women are rocking it and giving you all the fringe fashion inspiration you need.







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