Could Christian Louboutin Be Following See The Africaba Collection



I guess this collection is probably going to spark discussions about cultural appropriation and so forth, but to be honest we are not going to get into that today as it’s an exhausting discussion that doesn’t yield any results.

Christian Louboutin Africaba bag collection which was launched around April which technically was an African inspired collection. As we know African fashion is currently rocking the nation. Besides if you are still reading Vogue and they are dodging the rising surge in African fashion, believe us, you are caught in history.

Not to be critical, it does seem when mainstream western designers swim into the African fashion pool, the colour combination is always questionable. Well, the good news is that one by one we are steering the course of fashion. We can be sure that when designers like Viktor and Rolf, Dolce And Gabanna, Stella Jean create print fashion they realize an up rise in publicity. See the items below and let us know if you would rock it!

christian louboutin africaba (2)

christian louboutin africaba (3)

christian louboutin africaba5

christian louboutin africaba6

You like? Let us know in the comments.


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