Could This Old Ghanaian NDC Lady Be A Trend Setter? #GhanaDecides


Here is a picture of an NDC supporter, the ruling party of Ghana of which the president John Mahama belongs to. During campaign season, all types of costumes come out the wood works. The most famous as we all know is the multi coloured wigs as she has on. Never the less, there is just something about the combination of these pair of shades and the multi coloured wig with the NDC umbrella centred right behind her, or am I just seeing things?

Anyways congratulations to President Mahama on winning a term in office, and more so Ghana for holding a free, fair and peaceful elections. In fact one case say Ghana’s elections proved more peaceful than USA presidential elections where a few people committed suicide, some run over by cars, and some racial abuse were executed afterwards.

So back to this old lady. Any thoughts?


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