One bun or two mini buns, braids and ponytails are the most universal hairstyles for little ladies because of their protective nature (it is particularly important when it comes to natural hair!) and, of course, their convenience. But sometimes you may catch yourself thinking that these comfy hairstyles look too banal and boring for your young girl and you want to elevate your creativity when styling your daughter’s hair. Well, that’s really great and we’ll gladly help you create the most stunning hairdo your little girl. Below we’ve gathered a wonderful collection of the most creative haircuts ideas for little girls that will inspire you as well as your daughter and be suitable for every occasion.


Shoulder Length Haircuts for Little Girls


You as a mother of a young lady with shoulder length hair have a lot of hairdos and hairstyles to choose from. Except for braided hairstyles and common ponytails or buns, Bantu knots look amazing on natural hair and are known as the easiest and most original way to style shoulder length natural hair.

However, it doesn’t really matter what hairstyle you select for your little princess! If you want to do something creative and magnificent, you need to experiment – with volume and shape, use various types of braids, twists, buns and ponytails, combine them together and wear different braided designs. All these tricks help you make your daughter’s hairstyle more interesting. Just look!

Cute Haircuts for Young Girls with Long Hair

Just remember how many times your little angel with long beautiful hair has come up to you and asked for a cute and glamorous haircut? Well, it happens a lot! Of course, you always answer her that you have some chic and intricate design in mind and next time you will definitely try it, when in fact, you don’t know how to diversify regular ponytail or loose curls. So, you are in the right place! Here you’ll find gorgeous hairstyle ideas for your little sweetie – wonderful box braids of different shapes, original ponytails, extraordinary buns and Bantu knots and, moreover, fabulous accessorized haircuts. All these styles don’t take much time and effort, but they all will be the perfect compliment to your daughter’s pretty smile.

Tween Girl Haircut Ideas

When you have a girl in her teens, first of all, you must realize that now she starts looking for her ideal haircut. Luckily, teenage girls often ask mom’s advice on their hairstyle and you should also be ready to give your sweetie useful advice! Below you see the coolest options for your tween lady. Well, check them out and choose the best one for your girl!

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