Creative Handmade Invitations to the Party


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No question that every single person in this world has got a huge number of special dates and important days during the year, which he or she wants to share with his/her friends or relatives. But what can help you make this special event really unique and unforgettable? This question is much easier than you can even imagine!


One of the best ways to make your party or any other kind of celebrations really specific and magic is to create invitations by yourself! Of course, you can buy or order them on the web, and in some cases, it can be even quicker, easier and less stressful for you. But the main point here is that with handmade invitation cards you can save your money, and ensure that your guests would appreciate such a warm gesture. It also proves that you love, respect your friends and that you will always come to the rescue when they need your advice or simply need an assignment writing service for students. It is worth it, isn’t it?

Despite the fact that there is such a vast diversity of materials for making invitations, and a tremendous variety of technics, methods, and tools, I still tried to collect the most useful and the most basic DIY invitation kits for you, no matter what kind of party you want to organize.

Supplies Needed:
1. Paper of different colors or/and craft paper;
2. Pens, pencils, watercolors or/and markers;
3. Any decorations you would like to add;
4. Satin ribbon or/and twine;
5. Pair of scissors;
6. Sticky-tape;
7. Tape-glue.

Step One: Choose the Design of Your Invitation
The first step in making the invitations of your dream is to search a lot of examples of different letters on the Internet or on the pages of modern magazines. You will soon understand what style and type of letters do you prefer and which one would you like to make manually!
1. Explore various websites and magazines in order to find the best suitable option for you, which will coincide in the best way with the type of your party or celebration.
2. If you wish to have very modern and extraordinary invitations it will be much better you’ll read some articles about color, decor and texture tendency of that or those seasons.

Don’t worry if you cannot find what you are looking for – try to be as much creative as you can!

Step Two: Create the Basis
Before you start fulfilling your craziest birthday invitation ideas, or classic wedding traditions (actually, there isn’t any difference what kind of letter you want to prepare), make a sample of your work, a rough copy, in order to check all the details and peculiarities.
1. Use all the needed supplies for creating a model of your future event.
2. With the help of paper, glue and a pair of scissors trying to make the most realistic mock-up of the invitation.
3. You can also use a computer former for creating an appropriate size of your letters and try to find many details on the Internet for decoration your future request. Nowadays, there are also a lot of different online invitation makers, so you can create everything you want like an artist!

If you’re not sure what size or form to use, make several copies of it before decorating. Don’t
hurry up!

Step Three: Start to Decorate
Finally, you can start to do the most beautiful and the most interesting part of the whole process of creating invitations to the party.
1. Use all types of decorations that you can find– it can be paper or fabric of different colors and forms.
2. With the help of glue try to stick all the details to your basic invitation cards.
3. Don’t forget about colored pens and pencils, paints or markers for writing original motivational and invitational expressions.
4. Be very tidy working with the glue and paints, don’t be messy and try to stick details and paint your card as careful as you can.
5. At least, give some time for your already made cards, as glue, or paints should dry up perfectly for the best result.
6. Don’t be hurry, and do every single step given above in attentive and careful way!

Step Four: Find the Appropriate Words
The last step in making your own invitation cards is to sign them and write all theinformation about your future party.
There is only one single rule to make it correctly – be clear and understandable, trying to deliver the most appropriate message to your friends about the celebration, according to the type and style of your party. Try to be more creative, accurate and polite!
Thus, here were my basic step-by- step recommendations on designing invitation cards for the parties. You can change some steps or add some yours, but the most important thing, which I hope you’ve already understood is that you shouldn’t be an artist if you really want to design own invitations, and make a little surprise for your friends and relatives! Just be creative, enthusiastic and let your imagination do everything instead of you!

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