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Ghana Celebity Watch 

It could either be the end or a new beginning for the @Those_Called_Celebs page. A social media platform that has been mocking Ghanaian celebrities to extreme lengths. With very limited media and a very small entertainment industry it’s not easy to express offensive opinions constantly witout having to deal with the said individuals face of face at some point.

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Hence why the mysterious lady behind the @those_called_celebs instagram page chose to keep her identity anonymous….well until now. Popular and Curvy actress decided to take the blogger behind the page into the limelight and expose the alleged founder. Her post has shocked many with a lot of celebrities commenting on Moesha’s post insulting the blogger.

If you are unaware of her, this news is ultimately irrelevant, but if you are then you will know we are at exciting times in media history. This lady has mocked celebrities thousands of times to the point where some have shown their remorse in public. In many cases she mocks their sexual lifestyle, publishes rumours as well as insults thei physical features. Many are now insulting her for how she looks stating she has no credentials to insult people looking like that.

Popular Ghanaian comedian who is one of her stench victims took to Moesha’s comment section on the expose post and wrote “And She is very ugly wearing inferior shit..i think u shudnt even post her..she look stupid @moeshabodoung ..hw3 obaa bi ho fon s3 toilet so graphic”. See the post below.

Hate Moesha or love her, she is out spoken and not fake. And there’s nothing you can say about her that she’s not shy to admit.


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