DAY 1 Accra Fashion Week | IMAPRI MODA

by Onyeka Ben

Sustainable fashion brand based in Berlin Imapri Moda stunned myself and everyone who watched the virtual insanity premiere of Accra fashion week live from Gold Coast Restaurant with an outstanding collection which pays homage to the African fashion batik ingenuity.

The label “Impari” which means Unequal is a sustainable Fashion brand in Berlin which had its store opening in April 2019. All of the designs for this collection where created by Jana Heinemann. According to the designer, She is influenced by the Berlin Afro scenes, the city in general and various Residency abroad. IMPARI mixes African and European prints. She affirmed that;

“We want to combine African colours, prints and traditions with the cuts and flexibility of European fashion. Every piece has his own mix. The fashion of Impari is comfortable, colorful and uneven. The “Wealth” collection is intended to describe the diversity in our society. Unequal also means diversity and abundance”.


In our society there is often a very divisive picture of the different cultures, and unfortunately we still live in the cultural structures of the past. With this collection Impari wants to show that we can benefit and learn from each other and grow together. Our future is the blending and merging of diverse cultures. The different cultures are the greatest wealth in our society because we can all only exist with one another and not against each other. Through diversity, let us become richer in acceptance, be more aware of the different cultures in our society and share more with one another. IMPARI is creating a style instead of being and wearing what others expect you to wear, wear what you feel most comfortable and can identify with.


Enjoy the beautiful collection below which an incredible choreography as its opening scene.


Photo Credit

Photographer @mayleee22
Model @just.spirits @juliane_kayser @mr.schnitzel_bln @fafalya @jhacee__ @nando_lin @lenawitha @_fran.sco @princess_trisha_thegreat @lmo251 @stelllaeleni @whoisjxjx @kendowz @ahlishakay__ @itsbellacs @mjfromyourblock
Make-up @toshirogohma @lisaneubacher
Camera @steadikev @andreas.reuther @mayleee22
Manager @emman_encounter
Project @accrafashionweek
Design @jana_ms.impari
Fashion @impari_moda



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