by Onyeka Ben

Fast growing unisex ready-to-wear fashion brand in Ghana which has  an eye for detail was one of the lucky designers who had the opportunity to showcase their collections. Signature Fashion House is a Ghanaian owned Fashion House, specializing in unisex ready-to-wear clothing, The brand stands for greatness, charisma and leadership.

Taking a look at the collection which was showcased at this years Accra Fashion Week Summer Harmattan Virtual Insanity show, we can authoritatively inform you, you are in for a good time, the collection eludes sexy without even forcing it or trying to so much, every fashion forward African woman who understands that her body needs some outfits to the magic when she has no strength to do that, signature fashion house sure would be your best bet. We love that the way the collection played out it had to go along with colors, we didn’t see any color rioting, if it is one color that actually runs through the piece except for a few for example that oversized shirt dress which had a silver and pink color from both sides of the outfit which to us panned out perfectly. In a nutshell the Signature Fashion House presentation created an Afro-centric look which blends into a modern feel. Are you an LBD (little black dress) lover and thinking to yourself, i am tired of going that road, then Signature Fashion House has got you sorted out.

Go on and watch the video to get captivated by the luscious collection;

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