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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

Just when she was winning with her fans coming out of the celebrity love triangle with Medikal and Fella Makafui, Deborah Vanessa aka Sister Derby just pulled a controversial move on social media. Not the Sister Derby type of controversy, but the type one many would expect from her brother One Luv The Kubolo.

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Defending half naked ladies on social media in itself can be seen as controversial as some people hold strong stance against it or strong opinions about the underground prostitution lifestyle behind ladies showing off their bodies. However freedom to live your life how you wish and face your own consequences will always reign over such.

Although the really left reference to Jesus was a little of course. The rapper/singer/designer took to Twitter and wrote “Even Jesus Christ was half naked on the cross and if it was harmful to us then Christians should’ve dressed him in post presentation at least. Or” We love sister Derby and neither are we religiously based but in the words of Wendy Shay “This is the dumb question”. Jesus was stripped off his clothes and tortured in the most brutal way (according to the bible). This is a vast difference from poor girls or unsuccessful female celebrities going half naked online in search for sugar daddies, boyfriends, Instagram fame or attempting to satisfy their insecurities.

How Christians chose to memories him is their culture and tradition. If we remember boxing icons or gymnasts 9 times out of 10 they will be half naked. It’s not the nudity that makes the culture of half naked women online disturbing it’s the culture behind it. With that said it is okay to defend them, as they have a right to chose when and how they wish to dress. Some will do it for the wrong reasons, some will do it out of a job, some for personal reasons, some for others requests, some even for charitable.

Some have served the best and most beautiful images and some are just trash. There is not general characterization for ladies getting nude online, so for their critics, if you see what you don’t like just keep scrolling or use your social media giving rights to comment or report and continue living your life. And Sister Derby is right in that field, however publicity stunts are ok when the situation calls for it, but celebrities need not to just rubbish people’s beliefs to keep your name in the press (like how we are now publishing her)


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