Designer Wear: Best Xmas Gifts Will Be at Ghana’s African Regents December Pop Up Shop

Beatrice Arthur @ FAFA 2012

Pop up shops are a growing trend in African fashion. Not every designer has the luxury of owning their own store, neither does every designer wish to own their own store. That’s were the pop up shop comes in. You chance to swirl though some of the most creative designs on a once in a life time offer.

If you don’t believe why this is a ‘Once-In-A-Life-Time-Offer’ let me break it down. Beatrice Authur will be there. Did you see her designs rock at the FAFA 2012 show? And also for the guys, or the girls who love their guys, please take note. Heel The World will be in the building, literally. Let’s talk bespoke handmade shoes for the quintessential 21st century gentleman- brouges, loafers, slip-ons, oxfords etc, catch the drift. Not only are their shoes better in both style and quality than that of major retail stores, but they are made with a personal touch by the hands of Ghanaian men. I could go on for ever about the quality of their shoes, but then they would need to pay me, all I can say is be at the Africa Regents Hotel between 24th December-9th January.

Even if you wish to window shop, come along, talk, network. You might just receive a free give away. 😉




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