Did Miss Universe Ghana Confuse Fashion Modeling With Pageantry In Her Traditional Dress?

by Nana Tamakloe
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Ghana Model Stories 

Creatives and friends of Miss Universe Ghana were more than excited to see her rock the stage in an adorable dress produced by her team. Sundiata, the Miss Universe Ghana, a former model in Ghana took to the stage and gave all the fierceness in the world, which probably got her base excited but….only that this is a pageant and not a runway, and with that is custom for a pageant to bring appeal and beauty to her country.

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A fierce walk with a frown definitely won’t do the trick as far as tourism attraction is concerned, nor when it comes to winning point. And we hope this will not be her on the final day or Ghana can forget seeing any top key positions attributed it.

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#MUG18 | MODERN DAY YAA ASANTEWAA -Akpene Diata “SUNDIATA” Hoggar • • “If you the men of Asante, will not go forward, then we will. We, the Women, will. I shall call upon my fellow Women. We will fight! We will fight till the last of us falls in the battlefields.” -Yaa Asantewaa • • A true Queen is also a warrior for her people and being the Queen that I am, my national costume depicts my strength and power. It also highlights my connection with the Sun and the Earth. Sun-like head piece made of Gold to illustrate the wealth of my country Ghana. On the national costume are symbols, each bearing unique representations of cultural expressions, concepts, values and traditional mythology. * The symbol above the crown is termed, “MATE MASIE” (What I hear, I keep). It highlights wisdom, intelligence, and shrewdness. * The symbol on the staff is “DWENNIMMEN” (ram’s horns)- an Adinkra symbol for strength with virtues of humility. * The symbols embellished on the crown are called “GYE NYAME” (Except God). This symbol depicts the importance Ghanaian people’s place on their spiritual identity that is reflected in their religiousness. . Many kisses to: @hairsenta @firstchoicesalon @soaesthetics A huge thanks to #GIGEnergy @marcoblaze.

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Although the team accredited to the inspiration of Yaa Asantewaaa it is fairly questionable how the two are related. Never the less, had it not been for the Ghanaian symbols and the cowry shells it would come across as a fabulous cross section between the Zulu African culture and a modern day red carpet dress. What is most interesting is despite our critique of how the outfit was rocked, it was by far one of our best traditional costume pick of all the Africans candidates.

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