Dreams Do Come True With Designer One Piece Swimsuits – My Experience

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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Being underwater can be so surreal, it’s a constant new environment, serenely quiet, and yet so powerful. The ocean has a mind of its own and nobody can tame Mother Nature’s liquid beauty.

I would spend hours as a kid in the summer by the swimming pool, forever underwater lying at the bottom and looking up at the shadows and images dancing in the sunlight and bodies jumping in and out of the water.

As a swim team member since the age of 9, I could hold my breath for a minute and a half, a feat I was proud of, and made the ‘being a fish’ act that much easier. There was a sense of calm being surrounded by all that water, whether in the pool or at the beach, and away from the madness. It gave me peace.

Fast forward 20 years, sitting at a desk and computer for hours on end each day, I often sit back and reminisce of those carefree days. Not a worry in the world about bills or payments, how simple life was before carpools, parent-teacher meetings, and trying to organize a meal for dinner in between.

When I mentioned this to my girlfriend’s they too had been thinking about how much fun we all used to have, bronzed skins, bleached hair, and ice-lollies as our daily nutrition.

This led to hours of conversation, laughter, and cheering our drinks until the wee hours of the morning, it then came about that we needed a girl’s weekend away.

Somewhere where there were palm trees, beach bars, and coconuts filled with exotic cocktails, click here https://www.delish.com/entertaining/g2163/summer-cocktails/  for our go-to recipes. You’re welcome.

This too meant that I was in desperate need for not only a speedy detox-filled couple of days but a beach outfit to make heads turn. I had been in the gym the past few months, not to be fit or even-toned so I had no qualms about body image, but rather about getting away from work and clearing my mind.


A new you (me).

I’d been shopping on many an occasion some successful trips others not, but for this one weekend I felt I needed something a bit more special, my friends suggested getting something more bespoke, unique, and a bit more tailored. This was not something I had considered before but willing to try something new, I decided to jump in with both feet.

Browsing the internet and online shopping I looked at the top designer one piece swimsuits that were affordable to me, checked the size guide, and clicked add to basket and checkout.

There was no turning back now, I anxiously awaited a few days before delivery and finally got the slip to collect the parcel down the local post office.

I rushed home stripped off my outfit and pulled out my new purchase eager to see how it looked on, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The fabric was snug in all the right places, it accentuated the bits I was pleasantly surprised with, and I’m sure I can count on getting a few wolf whistles down the shore, bring it on.

Opting for something tailored and accustomed to my physic was a new adventure for me and one I see myself partaking in for future purchases, other feels the same which you can read their opinions on if check out this blog because life is too short to be wearing off the rack, am I right?


Choosing the right style.

You may think it is as easy as going to the shop and choosing the prettiest one but it’s also determined by the events that will be taking place whilst you are wearing this bathing suit.

Is it a simple laying on the towels with your girlfriend’s baking away in the sun all day, or will it be a group event where perhaps a volleyball game will begin and you need the extra support so no accidental slips happen and you put on an unwanted show?

Think things through before diving straight in, choose your best assets, and buy something that focuses on those.

You’ll be walking around body confident and owning it, yes please.

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