Emerging Ghanaian Brand FigsFashion Presents The Freedom Stripes SS17 Collection

by Nana Tamakloe
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Written by FigsFashion: STRIPES, ALSO KNOWN AS THE DEVIL’S CLOTH. In the Middle Ages, wearing stripes was a perilous act. 1310, a cobbler in northern France was condemned to death because, according to local archives, ‘he had been caught in striped clothes.’ At that time, striped clothing was considered ‘demeaning, pejorative, or clearly diabolic’ and was worn by social outcasts, such as prostitutes, jugglers, clowns and cripples.


A group of Carmelite monks, who donned brown and white striped cloaks. Their dress was thought to be inspired by the prophet Eiljah, who supposedly vanished into the sky on a chariot of fire, leaving behind a habit singed with brown stripes. When the monks arrived in Paris from Palestine, their uniform saw them nicknamed les frères barrés or barred brothers, and they were assaulted wherever they went.

They resisted 25 years of orders from eleven successive popes to give up their cloaks, but were forced to find an alternative when Pope Boniface VIII banned striped clothing from all religious orders in 1295. Today, stripes fabric has become one of the most beautiful, when it comes to fashion, easy to blend with any print, its for the BOLD, BRAVE, SMART, STYLISH, COUPLES, and TEAMPLAYERS.

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